: The ultimate brand of protective masks and smart apparel. 
Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection to ensure people's safety and health at work, at social activities, and while travelling.
We specialize in producing protective masks. We have invested in automation to optimize the efficiency, cleanliness, and air purity of the workshop. We have in-house testing equipment to ensure compliance with the sub-micron filtration efficiencies as per the USA and European standard requirements. Our N95 FFP2 EN149:2001 and EN14683 type IIR are CE certified and we are in the process of acquiring accreditation of US FDA and JAPAN JIS DS2。 We operate under ISO13485 / ISO9001& GMP standards. All materials, production, and packaging are pretested and being processed under stringent quality controls.
We commit to providing a carefree and healthy environment through continuous innovation, absolute protection, and value-added development.
                                    — Your life companion.